Omusati is one of the 14 Regions of Namibia. The region is predominantly an agricultural region with both crop and livestock farming taking place. The landscape of the Omusati Region is made up of a successive series of sand dunes of varying depths, separated by waterways. Outapi Town in Ombalantu is the capital and economic center of the Region.

The region is traversed by a high standard road network which provides a direct link to adjacent regions and the rest of the country. Mopani tree is the dominant species

The region consists of:
Three Settlements
  • Ogongo
  • Onandjamba
  • Onesi
One Village council
  • Tsandi village council
Omusati area coverage

Area - 13 637.554 km

Population - 228, 842

Population Density - 17 people per square kilometre

Rainfall - Outapi450mm/a to 500mm/a

Capital - Outapi