Directorate of Planning and Development Services

It consists of three (3) Divisions,

Three (3) delegated Divisions

Division: Development Planning

Planning, facilitate, coordinate and implement developmental activities in the Region.


We shall:

  • Facilitate payments to service providers within 5 days;
  • Provide secretarial services to the RDCC, RACOC, CACOC, SDC and CDC Meetings:
  • Send invitations for Meetings within 5 days before the Meeting.
  • Distribute copies of Minutes within 5 days after the Meeting.
  • Conduct public awareness on the HIV/AIDS and sanitation daily ;
  • Identify the distribution points and distribute condoms quarterly;
  • Facilitate the provision of low cost housing through the Build Together Programme annually;
  • Facilitate acquisition of land by members of the Shack Dwellers Federation as per request;
  • Gather data for planning purposes through the public participation strategy annually;
  • Facilitate electrification of growth points or rural areas annually;
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of projects within a month;
  • Facilitate the tendering process:
  • By place an advert within 21 days.
  • By tender opening within a day.
  • By evaluation by a Technical Committee within 4 days.
  • By submission of recommendations to the Secretariat of the Regional Tender Board (RTB); and
  • Facilitate the site handover processes within 14 days.