Directorate of Planning and Development Services

It consists of three (3) Divisions,

Three (3) delegated Divisions

Disivion: Audio Visual Media – MICT

Facilitate the provision of audio visual media in still photos and video as well as sound management.

We shall:

  • Facilitate the translation of the GRN materials into local languages annually;
  • Gather, process and distribute information quarterly;
  • Write articles on regional news and events daily;
  • Produce brochures, leaflets and magazines quarterly;
  • Collect, select and process the classification of public information quarterly;
  • Produce and review films quarterly;
  • Video production:
  • Take footages twice a week.
  • Edit footages monthly.
  • Final production/DVD daily.
  • Provide information about the Government activities, programmes and policies daily;
  • Distribute IEC materials quarterly;
  • Offer video shows and film screening to communities quarterly;
  • Provide sound management as per request; and
  • Promote reading culture and support and community media initiatives daily.